Make Picking Up Dog Poop Great Again!
Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags

Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags

only $15.00
Our Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags are the number one choice for your pooch's number twos!

Greetings, comrades! We welcome you to! We could impress you with paragraph after paragraph of lovingly-crafted insults and snide remarks about our Cheeto-In-Chief, but his tissue-paper thin skin, and flaccid cornucopia of personal flaws make for lazy writing.

We all know why you're here. You know he's full of it, and you want to shove it in his face. In true dad-joke style, our high-quality, biodegradable dog poop bags come with Donald Trump's mug printed smugly on the side let you do just that. Have yourself a hearty chortle as you show 3 ways you aren't Donald J. Trump with our dog poop bags.

  1. Take your little buddy for a belly-rub-filled walk.
  2. Pick up after the most loyal friend you'll ever have.
  3. Use biodegradable bags that won't choke a sea turtle without a safe word.

Buy some poop bags today, and help us Make Picking Up Poop Great Again. MPUPGA!

We don't make good acronyms, but we make great poop bags.


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