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Ok, now let's get to it! 

What exactly am I purchasing?

You are purchasing rolls of plastic dog poop bags featuring Donald Trump's head covered in poop.  Each roll contains 15 dog waste bags.  Our smallest order is 3 rolls, which will give you a total of 45 poop bags.  If you wish to purchase more than 50 bag rolls at a time, contact us at the email above.  We give special rates to people who want to help spread the word!

What's the story behind this? 

You can read about the history of the Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag HERE.

What are the technical specifications of these bags? 

Each bag is s roughly 8X11.75 inches.  Each bag has a thickness of 15 microns (because we know you care...)  Each roll of bags weighs a little over an ounce.  

Can I send this as a gift to someone else?

Yes!  This is actually very common.  If you have someone in your life who you know would enjoy this, you can simply enter their shipping address during check out.  They may or may not be notified of who sent the order, so remember to tell them yourself!

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