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Trumpkin Bags + Lawn Sign Super Pac(k)s!!!

Trumpkin Bags + Lawn Sign Super Pac(k)s!!!

$25.00 $30.00

Do you live in a red neighborhood? Annoy those MAGA-fanatics with the most outrageously anti-Trump lawn on the block!

Live in a blue neighborhood? Show your neighbors that you're ready to mobilize in 2020! 

With our Lawn Super Pac(k), you get 2 Trumpkin leaf/trash bags, and your choice of one of our awesome lawn signs!

  • Warren/Biden/Sanders Anyone But Trump 2020
  • Trump Leaves 2020 (because it's next to two bags full of leaves - get it!?!?)
  • Trump is a Treasonous Sack of Garbage (because these bags could be full of trash...)
  • Literally Anyone Else 2020


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